Isn't it time for a vacation from high prices?

Here at Connolly's Do It Best Hardware, we are tired of seeing price increasing everywhere you look. We thought to ourselves, "it's time for a vacation!" So, we are doing just that and taking an INFLATION VACATION on high prices. Through working hard with our partnership with Nation's Best and Do It Best Corp. we are able to lower our prices on over 90,000 items in our stores.
We will let that last part sink in a little bit... 90,000 items with lower prices, just for you! No gimmicks, no rebates, no fine print. Just lower prices.
Why are we doing this? This is just the first step along the way to living our mission statement, being committed to building our community. Fort Wayne is an awesome city, and we think we are pretty awesome too! So, we are working hard every day to show you what that means to us.
Stop out today, see the change for yourself and stay tuned for more we have in store in the future!